The History

Lisland Rainforest Resort was completed in December 1993 but was opened to public in January 5, 1994 .

It originally started as a summer retreat for the Sison Family. The family of the late Lourdes Ichon Sison, composed of two generations. Had inherited 5 hectares of land which had been sitting idle for several years. It was the wish of Lourdes Sison, fondly remembered as Mama Loleng to keep the family as close as possible. From this wish of hers was born the idea of vacation retreat for the exclusive use of the family members. However, after several family discussions, the idea of vacation retreat which would be used only about two to three times a year grew into a proposition to develop a place which could generate revenue during the times it would not be occupied. Some members of the family based in Urdaneta did a preliminary study of what type of vacation retreat to establish. It was decided that the town lacked a recreational facility which offered swimming. The nearest swimming pool was either located in the local hotel or public pool, some 25 kilometers away or the beaches of San Fabian, Lingayen and Dagupan City. The hotel pool was open only for the Hotel guests and the public pool was always full. The development of a pool and snack bar expanded into a resort, offering a first class restaurant, cottages, and seminar/convention facilities. Therefore, what was originally conceived as a exclusive summer retreat for the Sison Family has grown into a multi-million peso resort for general patronage. Lisland Rainforest Resort is owned by the 5 children of Mama Loleng namely Atty. Bonifacio Sison, Lili Jaranilla, Lita Kalaw, Zenaida Sison, and Rufo Sison. A corporation was formed with the first generation sitting on the board together with the first born among the second generation.

Lisland Rainforest Resort is located in Km. 182 Mc Arthur H-way, San Vicente, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan. Lisland is along the highway, 150 meters away from the junction leading to Dagupan to the west and Baguio to the north. The Resort sits on five hectares land covered with 800 full-grown trees such as acacia, mango, ipil-ipil, and other fruit trees which gave rise to the “Rainforest” in the Resort’s name. Lisland Rainforest Resort is a paradise within the City. It has a 1,500 sq. meters main swimming pool with a 20 ft. circular slide and a 150 sq. meter childrens wading pool. It has a 200 sitting capacity bar and restaurant, conference hall, a pavilion and picnic and garden area. Lisland caters to wedding ceremonies and receptions, conferences, seminars, business meetings and parties. It has 24 air-conditioned rooms with private toilet and bath with hot and cold showers and CATV and one family room with kitchen. As you can see, one of the strong points of Lisland is the accessibility of the place to any kind of land transportations. We are accredited with Department of Tourism, classified Double A resort for its eco-tourism thrust. The Resort originally started with 15 employees, at present the resort maintains 65 employees.